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The AMSAT-UK BBC Software Library

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No.TitleAuthorDisc ImageBuy DiscDocumentationDescription
 List No. 2AClive Wallis G3CWV  [PDF]list2a.pdf (1.2 MB, 4 pages)Catalogue of titles in the Library including programs by James Miller G3RUH.
1UoSAT Telemetry DecodingClive Wallis G3CWV[SSD]disk01.ssd (55 KB)TBA[PDF]disk01.pdf (831 KB, 4 pages)Displays, stores and decodes telemetry received from UoSAT-1 or UoSAT-2. Input via cassette port, or via serial port with external demodulator.
2UoSAT-2 WOD DecodingClive Wallis G3CWV[SSD]disk02.ssd (181 KB)TBA[PDF]disk02.pdf (1.7 MB, 6 pages)Displays, stores and decodes Whole Orbit Data received from UoSAT-2. Input via cassette port, or via serial port with external demodulator.
3SBaseClive Wallis G3CWV[SSD]disk03.ssd (96 KB)TBA[PDF]disk03.pdf (2.2 MB, 8 pages)Keplerian data base. A kit of parts which may be used to enhance many satellite tracking programs. Example applications included.
4OrbitsK.H.Craig G3ZSXTBATBATBAA suite of programs for satellite tracking and mission analysis.
5KERMIT?TBATBATBAA data transmission system for sending iles between two computers, of the same or different type. This is the program for the BBC end of a link.
6BBCPacketAndrews ElectronicsTBATBAA selection of PD programs. Documentation on disk.
7Miscellaneous Satellite Tracking?TBATBATBA?
8UoSAT Data DisplaysSurrey Satellite Technology Ltd
Craig Underwood et al.
9Decoding UoSAT-2 Telemetry (Telsat)Tony Ferneyhough G0EVHTBATBATBA?
10Miscellaneous ProgramsG4BLTTBATBATBA?
11KangaTermP.Turvey G1PJJTBATBATBA?
13Hints and Tips (2 discs)?TBATBATBA?
14DOVE DecodingClive Wallis G3CWVTBATBATBA?
15AllsatClive Wallis G3CWVTBATBATBA?
17SatPack-2Craig I. Underwood and E.R.TwoseTBATBATBAUoSAT-2 ASCII Telemetry (Unilab / MEP Satellites in Education Package)
18WOD DisplayJohn FairweatherTBATBATBA?
21Real Time TrackingG4GPQTBATBATBA?
All 22 disksTBATBA 

This project scavenges for time among my other commitments and I may need an occasional reminder to move it along.
Badgering / cheers of encouragement to the address below please.

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